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Thank you for visiting the ManitobaQuits website

A new ManitobaQuits contest is coming!

Next January, during National Non-Smoking Week we will launch a fresh new format for ManitobaQuits.

This challenge will focus on making a quit attempt for just one day; know you can build your practice skills in quitting; and become confident about being able to stay smoke-free for periods of time.

We believe that if you can quit smoking for one day, you can quit for longer and more extended periods of time in the future. Quit days help you to build confidence and improve your quitting skills. Stay tuned for more information on ManitobaQuits 2016!

Or you can sign-up for the Manitoba Lung Association’s newsletter to stay up-to-date about ManitobaQuits and other lung health news.

A new website is coming soon, too!

We are re-building and expanding this site so it can better provide information and support to Manitobans who are trying to quit smoking, reduce consumption, or make their homes smoke-free. The website will continue to be a place for news and resources about tobacco reduction and smoke-free living.

Of course, it will be the home base for ManitobaQuits contests and registration.

Please stay tuned for changes by checking in with us periodically. Beginning in January 2016, we will have new incentives and new challenges to help you quit or reduce smoking.

Congratulations to the 2015 contest winners!

We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone who participated in or helped to make the ManitobaQuits 2015 contest effort so successful. 

Over 700 Manitobans registered in a variety of categories to quit, reduce or make their home and car smoke-free. We are proud of the efforts of everyone who took part in taking a quit smoking goal and making it a reality.

Thank you to all of the supporters who signed on as Quit Buddies. Your commitment has paid off in improving the health and well-being of your friends, family and community.

All the best to all of you!


Tracy Fehr, ManitobaQuits Coordinator