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2016 ManitobaQuits contest  – Every Quit Counts

ManitobaQuits 2016 is going strong. We have had about 100 people a month register to make the monthly ManitobaQuits contest day either a day to practice a quit attempt or, in some cases, to use it a the first day of a longer quit. We encourage you to take a look at the resources on this website and to make this your go-to source of information on quitting or reducing smoking.

Cheryl Starr MBQuits winner March 25Cheryl Starr is the March 25, ManitobaQuits winner. Cheryl has been cutting back on her smoking for a few weeks and was smoke free for two weeks beginning March 25. She is still aiming to be smoke free and is now only smoking about three cigarettes a day – down from 10. Cheryl is a busy mom and crafter who does traditional beadwork. Beading is a big part of how she keeps her hands busy but it also enriches her relationships with her three daughters who do beading along side their mom. Congratulations Cheryl!!

This year ManitobaQuits: Quit Smoking Contest is challenging Manitoba smokers to quit for just 24 hours. A series of once a month quit days will help contestants to get ready to quit for good. We know that quitting is a process and can take time, planning and practice. That is why we have decided to offer  Manitobans, who smoke, 12 chances to quit over the course of 2016. We are doing this because we want to help people to get ready to quit smoking for good. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

Our motto – Every Quit Counts – suggests that each quit attempt helps a person get the skills, mental strength and motivation to eventually quit for good. No quit attempt is a “failure”! Trying for even one day might be all someone needs to get moving on a quit goal for 2016.

One cash prize of $200.00 will be drawn randomly on the day after for each contest. You can register to make a quit attempt every month but can win a cash prize only once.

Registration for the first quit day on January 21 begins 12:00 am January 18, 2016; the first Monday of National Non-Smoking Week.

Use this website, manitobaquits.ca to get information about the contest as well as quitting information, resources, news and for family members, employers and communities. Current information and resources can help everyone to live smoke free.

You can sign-up for the Manitoba Lung Association’s newsletter to stay up-to-date about ManitobaQuits and other lung health news.

Tracy Fehr,

ManitobaQuits Coordinator